50 Sweet “I Miss You” Quotes

  • 1

    Sometimes, words fail you as you try to express your feelings. So keep it plain and simple.

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  • 2

    You can always tell if things are not the way they should be.

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  • 3

    Even if he is not around you, you are still thinking about him.

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  • 4

    It doesn’t matter whether you have stopped saying it. You continue to miss him.

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  • 5

    It is the small things that made all the difference and brought you two so close. Now is the time to share your true feelings with him.

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  • 6

    You never thought you would be missing him so much.

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  • 7

    You don’t realize how important he is until you are away from him.

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  • 8

    There are days and moments when you miss him more than usual. And today is just one of those days.

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  • 9

    You only need a trigger like a face, a voice, or a thought to start thinking about him once again.

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  • 10

    You haven’t quite moved on yet.

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  • 11

    This is a sweet and simple way to express all your feelings to him.

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  • 12

    Now is the right time to tell him that you miss him.

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  • 13

    Now you know how close he was to you and how much he understood you. Tell him how you feel in these simple words.

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  • 14

    There is nothing like being plain and simple. These words will tell him exactly how you feel.

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  • 15

    When you do not know what to say, follow your gut feeling.

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  • 16

    Tell him how you feel right now. Maybe these are the exact words that he wants to hear – you never know!

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  • 17

    If he is gone, it does not mean that he is not going to come back. Maybe he is just waiting for that little push from you. So call him back.

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  • 18

    It never hurts to tell him how much you miss him!

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  • 19

    If he is upset, these I miss you quotes for him will do the trick for you.

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  • 20

    He wants to know how much you miss him, too.

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  • 21

    When you miss him, it hurts to not see him.

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  • 22

    Even though it is impossible to be together at this time, you can still tell him that you are waiting for him.

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  • 23

    Tell him how important he is to you.

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  • 24

    You still think of him, day and night.

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  • 25

    Tell him how everything around you reminds you of him.

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  • 26

    If you want her to be with you, these missing quotes will bring her back.

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  • 27

    Tell her how much you miss her and cannot wait for her to come back.

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  • 28

    You do not want her to go away, so send this quote and bring her back.

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  • 29

    You miss her, and you have to tell her those exact words.

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  • 30

    These are pure but real feelings. You have to share them with her.

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  • 31

    Just say this to your girlfriend, and she will come running back to you.

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  • 32

    Things will work out between you two.

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  • 33

    Show this to someone you miss.

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  • 34

    The simplest words convey your truest feelings.

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  • 35

    Even if you are far apart, you can still share your feelings with each other.

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  • 36

    You are thinking about her. Now use these miss you quotes to tell her that.

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  • 37

    When you think about her all the time, you know that you love her.

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  • 38

    This message will surely bring a smile to her face!

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  • 39

    Emotional distress will transform into physical pain.

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  • 40

    I think about you all the time.

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  • 41

    Always convey your feelings truthfully.

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  • 42

    If you are wondering whether your feelings are one-sided, then it is time for you to ask the question directly.

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  • 43

    You can tell her exactly what’s on your mind.

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  • 44

    If you have decided not to let her go, tell her.

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  • 45

    I will forever cherish our time together.

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  • 46

    It is time for us to get back together again.

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  • 47

    I think about you and all the time we have spent together.

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  • 48

    Tell her how days are brighter because of her presence.

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  • 49

    You mean the world to me and I miss you.

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  • 50

    We can no longer be together, but I still think about our time together.

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