50th birthday wishes for Sister

A sister is someone who is there for you to care, fight, love, annoy and defend you from others. She is the person who can act as your biggest secret keeper and at the same time threaten you for breaking them to someone ( mostly your parents!! ). Having a sister is like possessing a second mother. She is like an umbrella of warmth and affection where you can always confide in. The kind of love she showers on her siblings is unmatched. Yeah, sisters can be really nosy at times like picking on small habits or even stalking your activities.

Sometimes it might even feel to get rid of her but home is never the same without her, right? That’s the beauty of a sister relationship. These relationships are both fun and annoying. It’s more of like a paradox. There’s no joy than having such a beautiful person in your life. Often we forget to make them feel special or to simply let them know their importance in our life and they do not even complain. A birthday can be the best way to start with and if it is 50th then it can be an icing on the cake. Here are some messages you can convey to her:

50th birthday wishes for Sister – Quotes & Messages

Happy 50th birthday messages for sister from brother
Happy 50th birthday messages for sister from brother

Many times in life I complained to God for sending me such an annoying person in my life. Trust me, I have got my lesson. You are indeed the best sister one can ever ask for. Happy 50th  Birthday Sis! On this 50th I wish only happiness along your way.

You were always the favourite child. Much kind and disciplined. Adored by everyone. What wonders me the most is that you are still the very same. 50 years have made no difference. Happy Birthday Sister. Always stay the way you are!

You are not just my sister but my best friend, ultimate supporter, 3 am gossip person, coffee buddy and so much more. I have no idea what I’d do without you! Happy Birthday Dear and here’s a toast for your 50.

I have learned so much from you in my life. Your patience, strength and optimism are what I admire the most. I wish I had an inkling of your kindness in me. Happy Birthday, Sister! On this 50th I promise to be more like you.

50 years have passed and so much has changed yet I am proud that our love remained the same. Cheers to us and a very happy birthday to you. I look forward to your party already.

We fight, cry, annoy the hell out of each other yet love, support and care like no other. I owe you so much already. Thanks for being you. Happy Birthday! I love you.

50th birthday wishes for sister
50th birthday wishes for sister

You are growing up like a fine wine. Age is simply adding to your charm. How do you do that? Happy Birthday beautiful.

We have come really far from teasing each other, acting irresponsible to managing our own home and being actually responsible. Time flies, right? 50 years passed in such a hurry. Happy Birthday, Sister. I miss spending time with you!

Our relationship is like no other because it doesn’t require constant reassurance. There are times when we do not get time to talk but we understand. We connect instantly the moment we talk. You are a gem I cannot afford losing. Happiest 50 to you and much love.

I always looked up to you as a child. You were like my role model. I know I have never told you this but you mean the world to me. Happy Birthday, big sister! 50 is just a number for you.

You have been a sheer blessing. From keeping my secrets and fighting for me you have surpassed yourself in every way. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday Sis. I love you!

Happy 50th birthday sister
Happy 50th birthday sister

Whenever I fell you were always there to hold my hand. Whenever I was sad you were right there to make me smile. Whenever I was stuck you were there to guide my path and here you are standing proud at 50. You are the best person I have ever come across. Happy Birthday Sister.

You are my very own rock star but please don’t take it seriously because you are a terrible singer. Kidding! No jokes for today. You are my guiding star, my spirit and strength. Having you around is always fun. So, what you are 50? You look the same to me even today. Happy Birthday!

I was so happy on your wedding because you were finally leaving the house. Little did I know that the place would suck without you around. It’s been years and I always look forward to your visits because it reminds me of those good old days. Happiest Birthday Sister. Keep shining.

I still remember our stupid fights and you giving up for my sake. You have always put others before yourself and on this birthday I want you to focus only on you. You deserve it. Happy Birthday beautiful. I love you!

You are the best sister in the world because you have got me as your person. Happy 50th darling! I wish you a 50 more.

Despite our bickering and differences I still believe that you are one hell of a person. Don’t be surprised. I do love you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday sis for your 50th
Happy Birthday sis for your 50th

I may not say it enough but you mean the world to me. A smile on your face can make me go through any hurdle. I love you a lot! Happy Birthday to you.

People like you are once in a lifetime. You are true to a fault. How can you be so perfect? Happy 50th Wish you tons of happiness.

Thanks for always being there for me when no one else was. Thanks for always understanding and supporting me. You are my treasure. Happy Birthday sister.

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