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Spiritual guides are beings who, after moving on to the next life, take care of us and help us in our journey through the earthly world. They have reached a spiritual level superior to ours, but they remain in some way linked to us and guide us in our moral growth. To learn more, read on.

7 Practices to Contact Your Spiritual Guides

Usually the spiritual guide is related to religion, but it does not have to be connected with this. A spiritual guide is someone who knew how to improve in life and achieve well-being, which allows him to help others and give them advice. Usually they are deceased loved ones who accompanied us and loved us when they were alive, and continue to support us from the spiritual world.

We talk about concrete methods to be able to meet our spiritual guides. These exercises are based on meditation. It is essential to mentally create a meeting place where we feel comfortable and start a conversation. But this technique requires time and a lot of practice, so you can not expect an immediate response to our questions. With experience, guides and people from the underworld learn to communicate with each other in a more fluid way, and the messages will become clearer.

We are all on a spiritual path. Although many people do not know it. Moreover, the vast majority feels alone in this way. Walking through life feeling without a guide, confused about the direction they should take. However, there are guides that accompany us throughout our lives. And they are always around us, only that for one reason or another we have forgotten how to communicate with them.

Today I wanted to give you seven
Today I wanted to give you seven tips on how to connect with your spiritual guides.

Before that, I want to encourage you. You may not remember the time when you were learning to walk, but if you have paid attention to children when they are just beginning to take their first steps, you will have noticed that they fall and get up again. They fall and rise again.

It is a process in which they never stop trying. Your nature pushes you to crawl, then to get up, then to take some steps and finally to walk. It’s a balance between your muscles, your brain, and your coordination that takes time. Still, nobody ever needs a manual with instructions to learn. It’s natural, since you were born.

This is also the case when you are learning to contact your spiritual guides. Take time but keep trying.

Well here are the tips:

1. Frustrating does not help and may delay the process.

Worrying, frustrating, angry because you feel you have no progress the only thing you could achieve is to delay the process. Just as learning to walk takes time, it also takes time to learn to listen to your guides. The best you can do is to be happy when you hear something, feel positive emotions and gratitude for what is happening. When you are attentive to your spiritual guides and they are manifest, it is cause for celebration. Do not wait until you hear the hype, sometimes (often) the messages can be as subtle as a song, a murmur in the wind, an inexplicable feeling. If you have not listened to your guides until now, it is only a sign that you must continue on the path.

2. Answers come in many ways

I mentioned something about it above. Your spiritual guides are very intelligent and communicate in different ways. They know the best way to communicate the message better. If you are open to receive guidance, rest assured that you will receive it. It may not be the way you expect, but it will be in the way that best benefits you. In my case, I have often received guidance in finding a book that I did not even imagine reading. Many people feel something that they can not explain, or they have a dream that gives them a clue, or they hear some comment that helps them. Many times help comes in the form of a question you must ask yourself and not necessarily as an answer. What’s behind this? Ask yourself a better question and you will receive a clearer answer. Answers appear in various ways; for example, if you are involved in a dispute with your wife then texting her when you go to sleep. This is useful to ease the atmosphere and find hidden answers related to conflicts between you two.

3. Recognize your achievements

You have made good decisions, we have all made good decisions at some time, remember these moments because you may have been receiving some guidance at that time. It is very easy to discount the help and rationalize what is happening, but have you ever wondered if maybe you are not wanting to see another perspective?

4. Dare to follow what your guides dictate, even if you are not sure what it may mean.

Many times I have been in a bookstore and I only see a wall of books that are all the same to me. I have asked my guides, Of all these books, which one can I learn the most? Many times the cover of a book jumps out at my sight, or I choose a book at random and open a page that contains the answer to something I was working on. Sometimes my rational mind tells me something but my instincts and inner voice tell me another and I decide to follow my intuition. It has been hard for me to follow my intuition but it has never failed me when I do it. Some quotes helped me a lot and you might need them. My advice: If you train your spirituality with your wife, for example, then start with giving quotes for your wife.

5. Experiment not follow your intuition

Since sometimes you doubt (it’s okay, we all do it), experiment with NOT following your guide to see what happens. The world is not going to end, you are doing an experiment. You are learning and remembering how to communicate with your spiritual guides and knowing what not to do is as valuable as knowing what to do.

6. Relax and have fun

People tend to worry about many things, we take ourselves very seriously and forget to have fun. Remember that it’s a whole process, you’re remembering and you’re going to lose yourself and that’s fine. If you consider everything as a practice, you will realize that it will soon be easier. Even if things do not turn out the way you expected, there will always be something to remember and learn. Ask yourself a better question, what are you remembering here? It takes time and that’s perfectly fine.

7. Sometimes help is needed

If you were alone in this world, there would be no need to seek help. However, you are not alone and there are many people who can help you develop your skills. It has what your experience tells you, but do not feel afraid when your intuition points you to receive guidance from someone as a directory of psychics can show you someone able to share with. I want to be emphatic that this should be a process that you enjoy. If the voice in your head is giving you recrimination messages or judgments, if you are making yourself feel bad in some way, it is very likely that these messages are not from your guides. They could not be! It is possible to tune in to your guides, it is more always they are communicating with you, it is only a matter of you tuning in at the correct frequency.

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