Good Morning

70+ Flirty Good Morning Text for Him/Her

Morning is the time to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them. It is the best time to confess the deepest of feelings to kick-start their beautiful day. You can either say to them directly or craft your feelings with the help of witty words to express yourself. Flirting can one of the best ways to express your feelings in an indirect way which will not only put a smile to their face but also add up the charm to your relation. Here are some of the best flirty good morning messages you can send to him or her and make their day special:

Flirty Good Morning Text for Him/Her

I dreamt of us last night. It made me long for your presence. Wake up my love so that turn it into reality. Good morning!

A warm hug has been sent to my lovey Dovey’s inbox in case he wakes with the feeling to hold me in his arms. Wake up Tiger!

I could happily trade all my treasures to see that melting smile on your lips. Keep Smiling my love!

Just in case, if you wake up with a mild headache or a bad mood, please remember that there is someone whose day is made merely because you’re breathing. Good morning darling.

My heart melts at the thought of you sleeping cozily in that warm blanket. Ruffled hair, heavy eyelids, dry lips, heavy breath and cold toes. I wanna wake you up and share my warm breath with you in your warm blanket. Wake up my love!

I want to wake up next to you….watch you drift in sleep….see your eyelids moving slowly while you dream of me……I want to watch your face washed in excitement the minute you wake up and see me by your side…..I want to share my sleep with you….I want make your morning!

Will you please wake up now so that I can make a sense of why I’m alive?

Will you please wake up so that we can go for a morning ride?

Will you please wake up so that my lips can quench their thrust and glide?

The rhythm of your breath makes my heart dance.
Wake up honey! I want to finish the dance in your arms.

I’m sending my angels of love to kiss you when you wake up!

I draw strength from your love. Having you by my side is my bliss. I am blessed to have you in my life. Good morning!

I can smell your love four me in the smell of the freshly cut grass. I dive in your love when I soak my feet in the cold waters of a lake. I cherish the warmth of your love in balmy sunlight. I’m living it my love. Good morning!

Wake up and taste the warm honey of my lips. Good morning love!

I realized that I am capable of loving after I met you. I realized that I can be happy after I met you. I realized that I have a heart after I met you. Wake up to a world full of love my love!

There is a piece of flesh in the left side of my chest that beats your name out loud. Good morning darling.

You love me so much that you make me fall for myself. Thank you for making me realize that I am lovable. Good morning!

I never fully realized how beautiful the sky looks in the morning with different hues of red and yellow until I woke up in bed with you. Can we do that again sometime?

When I look at the time I was the happiest, all I can think about is the time that I spent with you. When I look back at the time I felt special, all I remember is the time you made me feel so. When I reflect back on my memories of beautiful mornings, all I remember are the ones when I woke up with your good morning message.

Let’s forget what happened last night; let’s forget the pain; forget the anguish; let’s forget the hurt; let’s remember the warmth our first kiss; let’s remember the embrace of our first hug; let’s remember the first laughter that we shared together; let’s remember the first sunrise we watched together. Let’s spend this lovely morning remembering those beautiful moments. Let’s remember to love.

My mornings are extra bright with you. Good morning!

If I could show magical your sleeping face looks to me, you would have fallen for yourself. Good morning love.

You are like the very air I breathe. I may not put it into words more often but I absolutely need you to be alive. Wake up with a smile darling.

I’m my happiest version when I’m with you. When I wake up next to you, I feel motivated to work harder, live harder, laugh harder. You make my day! Good morning

I wish I had enough words to explain the way you make me I feel when I am with you. I wish I had enough words to express how effortlessly you fill my days with happiness and nights with pleasure. I wish I had enough words. Good morning!

How effortlessly you beautify the picture of my life. Wake up with a smile my love!

Is it possible to love someone beyond their boy? Is it possible to love someone beyond their soul? Is it possible to fall for someone’s lubdub lubdub lubdub? Is it possible to fall for someone’s odor of breath? I guess it is. I fall for it every time I watch you sleep. Good morning!

Be with me as always so that I can be as good as I possibly can. Good morning my love!

Can you do this for me? Can you smile a little brighter today when you wake up? Can you fall a little for me when you wake up? Can you love me a little more when we wake up? Can you do this for me first thing in the morning?

Every day I find one more thing to love about you. You are a mystery that unravels itself a little more with every night that ends and every rising dawn. Good morning love!

I was my favorite person until I met you.

Romantic Flirty good morning messages for her

My mornings were neutral but became beautiful because of your arrival. Each morning is special because it means I will get to spend some time with you. Good morning, beautiful.

My heart just skipped a beat, I guess you woke up. Can you see the connection already? Good morning beautiful.

I wanted to wish good morning to the most beautiful girl in the world. Oh! Wait, she is already reading this message. Good morning!

I hope your day is as beautiful as your face. Good morning.

Were you thinking of me? Because I was up all night thinking about you. Good morning.

I never lose touch with you even at night because you are always in my dreams. Good morning.

The sun has risen but mine isn’t yet. Good morning, sunshine. The world is waiting for you!

Attention! Have you wished good morning to the prettiest girl in the world? If no then get up, look into the mirror and say “Good morning”.

I hate alarm clocks because it disturbs my dreams of you. Good morning.

I just wanted to say good morning to the person who matters the most to me. Do you know her?

Are you tired? Because you have been running in my dreams the entire night. Good morning.

I have sent this message to the sweetest person alive. If you meet her, please let her know and also wish her a good morning.

Oh my God! Set the world on alert. The prettiest woman has just woken up. Good morning.

You are my first thought both in the morning and at night. Good morning.

I just want you to know that there’s no one as special as you. Are you blushing already? Good morning

Because I want to be the reason behind the first smile of your day. Wake up sweetheart!

Good morning wishes flirty quotes for him.
Good morning wishes flirty quotes from him.

“As We are a couple, I think we should start our day with coupling together.”
Good Morning

Good morning wishes with flirty text for him.
Good morning wishes with flirty text for him.

Coming close to you
Feel like a dose to me.
Good Morning

Good Morning wishes flirty text about lips
Good Morning wishes flirty text about lips

If Your lips are so charming,
Then Your kisses must be so warming.

Good Morning wishes with flirty text
Good Morning wishes with flirty text

My morning becomes good only if I wake up to you.

Good Morning wishes with flirty text
Good Morning wishes with flirty text

Everytime Your smile clicks my heart
And My Heart says Let’s start.

Flirty text on Good Morning images
Flirty text on Good Morning images

Morning Bed may be messed
but with you, I feel like blessed.

Flirty Good Morning Messages for Him

Wake up, handsome. I am missing you already. Good morning.

You will always be the star of my day. Good morning my rockstar.

I see you in my dreams every night. Are you the man of my dreams? Good morning.

My days have been a bit better since you came. Thank you so much. Good morning.

Other girls need tons of makeup to get that perfect glow on their face. And me? I just need you. Good morning.

Waking up each day knowing that you are beside me puts an instant smile to my face. Good morning.

Knock Knock, lazy bum! Wake up. Someone’s waiting for you. Good morning.

I am sending this message to the guy who makes me the happiest. Let him know if you meet him. And yes, Good morning to you!

Waking up every morning knowing I have someone who cares about me more than anything in the world brightens up my day. Why are you smiling? Good morning.

Are you getting hiccups? Because I cannot stop thinking about you. Good morning, handsome.

What kind of addiction is it? Because I cannot start my day without you. Good morning.

Alert! The most handsome guy has just opened his eyes. Good morning

I like how we always stay together throughout the day and night. You are always up in my dreams. Good morning.

Good morning to the source of my happiness.

Did you feel a little warm? Because I sent you tons of morning hugs. Good morning.

romantic-couple-embracing-In Good Morning images
romantic-couple-embracing-In Good Morning images

After meeting you my heart says, sulmate is not just a word.

couple love good morning wishes
The couple love good morning wishes

Hold you for once got caught for life.

Good Morning wishes with flirty text
Good Morning wishes with flirty text

Thanks for telling me the difference between being together and being close.

Good Morning wishes with flirty text wishes
Good Morning wishes with flirty text wishes

Wrapping you in arms is like wrapping the whole world.


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