A Five-Star Sink Guide to Follow in 2020

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Do you remember the moment when you first saw a stylish vessel sink? You may have flipped through a home decor magazine or seen an exclusive model while visiting a luxury home of friends. Nowadays, almost all modern designers and decor professionals use it to give a bathroom an incredibly sophisticated look. 

Vessel Sinks In A Nutshell

Vessel sinks are traditionally installed on countertops or vanity units in the bathroom. On the contrary, standard sinks are commonly installed under the countertop. Thus, the first type is unique to bathrooms, and it would be a mistake to buy bowl sink and install it in the kitchen. But by installing a one-of-a-kind sink in your bathroom, you can make it a focal point of the entire space.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of natural and artificial materials to create a wide variety of sinks and give them exclusive styles. The optimal solution is buying a bowl sink made of ceramics, natural stone, or even marble. However, do not hesitate to experiment when choosing materials and learn about new options available on the market at https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/modern-bathroom-sinks

The Choice Lies With You: Above or Recessed Installation?

Designers distinguish two main types of vessel sink installations:

  • Mounting a sink above the counter involves placing it directly on the surface. Most homeowners associate this type of installation with truly stylish and modern washbasins. The installation process involves one simple step – drill a drain hole of 1 5/8 “to 1 3/4”, and the trick’s done.
  • The recessed version will help you make the sink more stable. Cut an additional hole in the countertop – make sure that it is larger than the drain hole but not wider than the sink itself.

Aquatica’s Wide Range of Sinks And Accessories

Almost all models of built-in sinks listed on the site contain pre-drilled holes for installing a mixer tap and additional elements. Usually, all the faucets are specially designed to provide extra space and do not require special cleaning skills.


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