Anniversary Poems to Write in a Card

Why Write Poetry to Celebrate Your Anniversary?

When it’s time to write something in an anniversary card or letter, there are several different ways you can go. One way is to write an anniversary poem. Anniversary poems can help us express what we want to say in a more eloquent or cheesy way than what we might do otherwise.

You have a couple options once you decide that you need an anniversary poem for your card. You can write your own love poem for your sweetheart, or you can use a poem that is already written that fits your desired expression. Love poems can be a great addition to an anniversary message for a wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend.

The following anniversary poems can give you the inspiration you need to write your own poem. If, however, you don’t have the time, creativity, or energy to write your own anniversary poem, then you can use one of these love poems in your message.

For a Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, or Husband

Best Gift I Ever Took

We live each day like it’s our anniversary

Every day with you it’s fun and merry

Today is just a day like any other to us

So we don’t have to make a lot of big fuss

Even though you’re my greatest treasure

You’ll try to give a gift of equal measure

At the end of the day, it will be your look

That continues the best gift I ever took

—Blake Flannery

For a Husband or Wife

We Rhyme

We are blessed to be husband and wife

We are two people who love sharing life

It’s the journey together that matters most

There’s nothing more in life I want to boast

Today, we’re marked with another year

And I’m glad to have my sweetheart near

With gratitude I thank you for your time

And hope that we continue to rhyme

—Blake Flannery

For a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Ring Each Others’ Bells

I have enjoyed my time with you

We had fun while our love grew

Now we come upon a milestone

Of neither of us being alone

We laugh together and smile

We might fight once in a while

We’re learning each other well

We like to ring each others’ bells

—Blake Flannery

For a First Anniversary

A Year Gone By

A year gone by in the blink of an eye

Meals, conversations, and laughing

Wondering what the future holds for us

We’ll look back years from now

With gratitude for having each other

And we’ll know we had a good time

—Blake Flannery

For a 25th Anniversary

Twenty Five Years

Twenty five years is a quarter of a century

And I still want to earn pennies with you

We’re not the longest that’s ever been

We’re not the newest couple in our town

We’ve learned many lessons together

We’ve struggled, laughed, and made up

In the middle of our ocean of time

We’re sailing together on our adventure

—Blake Flannery

How to Present Your Poem

Once you make a decision to give your significant other an anniversary poem, you still need to figure out a creative and fun way to present the poem. Here are some cool ideas:

  1. Frame it. You can put the poem on top of a special picture, wrap it up, and put a bow on it.
  2. Read it. Whether in public or at a private candlelit dinner prepared by you, reading a poem to your lover is one of the most romantic gestures you can make.
  3. Create a YouTube video. Creating a video is one of the best ways to communicate your love when you are far apart. Think like a director and enhance your video with artistic shots and mood music.
  4. Turn your poem into a song. Nothing is cooler than having your own song for your relationship. Custom songwriters can take your poem and create the perfect melody to set the mood of your words.

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