Birthday Party Themes to Celebrate Mommy’s 50th Birthday

From childhood to our 40s or say 50s, we have seen that our mothers do everything they can for us. They love their children a lot and can reach any limits to keep them happy. Moms are the next for us after god as they have been through our thick and thin whatsoever in life. But as she starts growing old, many things get changed, as we get busy in our careers. In such times, it is very much possible that moms get scared what if her kids tend to forget her value in their life. All these fears are very common for every woman and especially when she is your mom.

So, to make her realize that no matter, whatever happens, she will only be your priority, you need to take our time that is only for her. What can be better than celebrating her birthday? It becomes more remarkable if it is your mom’s 50th birthday.

How soon the time passes and we get old enough that we start planning her birthdays? Isn’t it amazing to see how much we all have grown up? The same will she feels when you throw an unimaginable birthday bash for your mom on her 50th.

Let us have a look at some amazing birthday party theme ideas which will help you decide how her birthday is going to be.

Retro 90s Party Theme

What can be more fun for your mom than going back to her 90s? You need to make sure that on her birthday you can take you, mom, back to her teen times. Can you imagine how great it would be for her? You can double the joy by ordering a custom photo cake of her favorite flavor.

Spa Party Theme

A spa party is the perfect one for them to get a lot more relaxed than she would have ever thought of. God swear, but she will love how well you have organized her birthday. Try making a canopy on the table with the help of streamers. You can also call up and get some salon ladies for the parties who can give her good massages for the special day.

Garden Party Theme

Try using some vibrant colored flowers that your mommy likes. Place various colored linens on the tables, and use tiny potted plants to carry the napkins and dinnerware. You can also hang painted streamers off the trees if you have the party outside as these will add to the atmosphere. Stack small fabric -filled bloom pots on the tables with some yummy lollipops dug in each of them like a flower.

Magic Party Theme

You can take your mom to childhood by giving a glass of potion to drink. Yes, the magic theme party is real fun if planned properly. Freeze grapefruit or cranberry juice in ice cube trays a day before the party. Serve soft soda at the party and add these ice cubes to it. Your mommy will love seeing how the color of soda changes instantly after you add these cubes to it. There is a lot more than you can do in a magical party. Make sure that your mom can have fun at this party as much as it is possible.

These were some very fun birthday party themes that you can prep up for celebrating your mom’s birthday. You can get relaxed on one end by order a delicious cake from the reputed online cake delivery. That would be a great idea for making things a tad bit easy for you. Happy prepping up for mom’s birthday!!!


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