Forgiveness Letter For My Boyfriend

It’s way too difficult when we pass through a separation or a breakdown, when we finally realize that our relationship with someone can’t go on.

But it’s even worse committing misconducts and having to ask our lover for forgiveness. When are we going to give account that we must avoid the problems and try to understand our partner?

However, that’s how life is, and sometimes there are things that happen without waiting for them. Here we offer you a sample letter of forgiveness for your boyfriend.

If you feel guilty for something you did, send a letter like this to your lover and you’ll see that you will feel much better. Take a look.

Love of my life,

I know that you are angry with me by what happened. That’s why, in these few lines I just want to tell you how much I’m sorry. I never wanted to commit a lack that could damage you. You are and have always been the only one for me, the king and owner of my heart.

I miss you now that you’re not on my side, I would like to be again for you like a light that accompanies you on the road, which will guide you through every moment; because I can’t stop thinking about you, not just for one second.

I miss your look, your tender lips, and your breath. I sincerely hope that you’ll accept my apology and come back.

Forgive me for being so cruel with your feelings, for treating you with such a hostile manner. That was never my real intention. You are like the sun that illuminates my days, give me just a minute by reading this letter and letting me express how much I’m sorry.

I love you baby, and I promise that I won’t have that behavior with you again because you are the one who least deserves it, always being so kind and considerate with me.

I hope to soften your heart so that you can understand the agony I feel because of your absence. I miss you too much. Forgive me, my love, for not trying to understand you. You’re my reason, my sun, that one person that helps me to understand the world.

Without you, my nights are terribly empty, there’s nothing if you aren’t here. Love simply ceases to exist in my life because you are and will be the only one for me. I’ll love you forever sweetheart. Please understand how I feel and tell me that you’ll try to get to me, without your sweet kisses and love I won’t be able to live.

Give me a chance to show you that I can be better, and you’ll see that your garden will be filled with new roses of various colors, with an aroma that you’ll never forget.

I promise to be patient, tolerant and loyal above all, but don’t ever leave me again. This is how, once more, I ask you to forgive me, and hope that you’ll want to be with me again.
With love forever.

Now you know a nice letter of forgiveness for your boyfriend is a good option if you want your relationship to last for a long time, so send a letter and fix the issue.


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