Happy 17th Birthday | Astonishing Wishes for 17-Year-Olds

Birthday wishes are a great way to serve as a reminder that you were there during the said birthday and that you really had fun with them as they turned older. Turning 17 is a big deal because it’s the last age before you become 18 with a big bright future ahead of you. Birthday wishes bring the calming effect to any person making them feel special, loved and appreciated. Read through these messages and I guarantee you that you will find one that will speak the message you want to send out, take a peek;

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for a 17-Year-Old

  • Often it is always rare to see a 17-year-old with a great personality that can’t be found anywhere. You made me feel happy for knowing you. Happy 17th Birthday!
  • My best wishes for the cute 17-year-old, you grow older, wiser, more loving each time I set my eyes on you and I love you for that. Enjoy your birthday.
  • As you clock 17 today, I’m hopeful that you’ll start taking the life serious, because that’ll determine how far you can go in the race of life. With my best wishes!
  • Hard work will always remain a key to the astonishing success, now is the time to do it well. May you have a cool 17th Birthday dude.
  • May you continue to wow your friends and the whole world with your achievements and I hope you’ll also keep making your family proud. Enjoy your youthful age.
  • Meeting someone like you has made me see how much a 17-year-old person can achieve. Even though I’m older, I feel I’m under your shadows. A glorious 17th Birthday friend.

A cute penguin is holding a red balloon.

For Son

  • Your perfection is in who you are, never seek for perfection in being another person. Be the great you my son, because that’s what I wanna see. Happy Birthday to my loving son.
  • From the moment when you open your eyes till when you close it on your special day, I wish you joy and happiness all through the party. Happy 17th birthday son.
  • Your new age looks good on you that I wish you’ll be so cute and handsome like this forever. Happy Birthday to the most handsome 17-year-old boy.
  • Never make anything die inside you. Make it alive with your optimism. May you have many more son.

For Daughter

  • What are the things that will make you happy today aside all the wishes! Tell me and you shall have it. Happy 17th birthday my daughter.
  • Dear darling, please excuse my writing, I can’t stop my hands from shaking, it’s your birthday and we are going to have fun today. Have an outstanding 17th Bday my dear daughter!!
  • Never forget these words of mine my dear daughter. Good things always happen to good people, no matter how long it takes. Seek always doing good. Now, seek celebrating in the best way.
  • You are mature enough to take your own decisions. My all prayers are with you, honey.

Acute puppy is celebrating you.

For Friend

  • Still wondering if a thing will change about you when you clock old age, because you are just such a jerk! But a lovely one indeed. 🙂 Happy 17th birthday my precious friend.
  • You have given me many wonderful surprises and I hope you will give me a lasting one today by not surprising me with your antics. 🙂 Stay cool buddy.
  • May this day not only give you a lot of presents, but also a lot of wise words and wild fun, Have the best birthday my friend. Cheers.
  • May every day of your life be filled with the warmth of sunshine, happiness, smiles and everlasting feeling of love. I wish you all the best, my cutest friend.

For Best Friend

  • All my life I’ve been without anything called friend, but meeting you gave a meaning to my life, your encouragement, your support and everything you did. I appreciate you. Happy 17th birthday buddy.
  • I have the greatest friend in the world, I really wish I could be a better friend to you as you are to me. My best friend deserves the best birthday ever, have lots of fun till you get tired.
  • I hope today will be a great day for a great person like you. Enjoy your special year. And don’t forget, I take pleasure in being your friend.

For Nephew

  • You make me want to marry to get a handsome boy just like you. A special birthday to my special nephew.
  • It’s your special day and no one else’s, have an unforgettable 17th birthday dear nephew, you are truly a gem in your aunt’s life.
  • Just remember, life is not the bed of roses. Hurdles always come where there is a way. Be on the right track and get success. Best wishes for the best nephew.

A motivational message for a 17-year-old.

For Niece

  • Your 17th birthday is the indication that one more year is left to move towards the adulthood. Wish you all the best, future lady.
  • I waited my sister for 2 years to bring you to the world. Till now, I’ve lived 17 years with the most amazing girl. My deepest wishes for my cute niece.
  • Try to see everything good in every situation, because life is too short for bad things. Happy Birthday Niece. May you have thousands of hours of happiness.

For Boy

  • As you’re already turning 17, I wish you a joy that you never experienced and abundant blessings you never expected. The coolest boy deserves a cool celebration.
  • You are an amazing boy. I see big and great things for you and I hope you see them too. Enjoy your seventeenth Bday dude.
  • You are on your way out of being a teenager, I hope you’ll prepare for the adulthood through these next few years. Happy 17th birthday, future man.

For Girl

  • From a girl riding bikes to a little lady, I send my deepest wishes. You’re the most amazing 17-year-old girl.
  • It’s a day full of celebration, so put on that party hat, invite some friends over and let your 17th birthday party begin.
  • The real beauty of relations is to make every moment happy. Wish you the lifetime happiness, joy and success. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Crazy image for a 17-year-old.

For Brother

  • After all of your previous achievements at a tender age, you finally land your first job. A wonderful birthday to my wonderful bro.
  • You are my younger brother, but you are taller than me and like this I want you to get success and happiness more than me. Get ready for 18 and enjoy!
  • The greatest gift from my parents I have ever got is my little brother. Your sister loves you so much.
  • Though you are my little brother but I feel protection when I’m with you. Wishing a marvelous 17th birthday to my strong brother.

For Sister

  • I hope as you grow you won’t stop being you, because you are a very special girl that lights up every dark side of our home. Happy Birthday sis!
  • After every bad scene, there will be the good one. Make your role positive in every scene. Have a fantastic birthday sis.
  • 17 kisses and 17 wishes jump to you. Do you want to know them? Wake me up tomorrow and I will tell you. May you have many more sis.

I wish you great things in life.

For Boyfriend

  • May today be the most fantastic birthday ever for the most fantastic guy at school. Love you!
  • I raise a glass to the man I love so much, to the man who has changed me so much. Enjoy sweetheart!!
  • Birthdays are one of the events that bring the people dearest to you together. So have a great time honey. You are a great addition in my life. <3

For Girlfriend

  • Happy 17th birthday my sweetheart, we are growing fast and I’m happy to be a part of this special day. I hope everything works out as you’ve planned. Have a blast.
  • You are an amazing girl and I know you will have an amazing party. Your 17-year-old spirit can do much today, I know it.


For Grandson

  • You are one of the best 17-year-olds this world will come to know, and I know that because I’m the person who believes in you most. Best wishes from your granny.
  • Your greatest asset today is that you are very young and capable of doing anything. We old people envy that a lot. Happy 17th birthday grandson.
  • Your level starts dropping if you place the negativity in your mind. Wishing you a very happy birthday my grandson. Best of luck for your future.

For Granddaughter

  • Have a fantastic 17th birthday baby girl, you grow more beautiful each time I set my eyes on you, I wish you a life full of blessings love.
  • I think you know how happy I’m to be your grandpa, you’re the world’s cutest 17-year-old girl. Have fun sweetie.
  • My pretty granddaughter, get ready for more responsibility, but for a cool life too. You’re a special girl and deserves every special thing in our world. Enjoy!

A sweet message for guys and girls.

For Cousin

  • I hope you will rock today to have wonderful and exciting moments that will truly mark your 17th birthday. Best wishes cousin.
  • I’m really confused about if my cousin is turning 17 or 27, you’re a smart guy and deserves the best 17th Bday party.
  • Life is a beautiful journey, make it more soothing and smooth by your determination, hardworking and passion. Happy 17th birthday dear cousin.


Sentimental 17th Birthday Messages for Turning 17

  • I consider you as a blessing for you changed my life. Enjoy your 17th birthday and all the good things it will offer.
  • Make your dreams true and the intentions flow. Best wishes bro.
  • Be cool and handle every situation with care, you’re 17 years old now and can do this easily.
  • You are the idol of many, you are the best for hundreds. Keep being perfect and celebrate well.
  • May you be blessed today, tomorrow and days to come, may your youthful days be full of good memories for you to enjoy when you get old. Happy 17th birthday!
  • Be positive about yourself and stay far from bad gathering. Have a wonderful 17th birthday.
  • People love to enjoy, don’t be the drama queen. Do something that people will motivate themselves by your school of thoughts. Have a blessed 17th birthday.

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