Happy 5th Birthday | Amazing 5th Birthday Wishes for Kids

Turning older is always a blessing, whether you are the person getting older or you are watching a person getting older. Celebrating the little one’s life is the most important message you can pass across to them. Messages are a constant reminder that you were there with them during their 5th birthday party and that you will always be there for them. Special messages for a special 5 year old are the surest way of reminding them how cute they are. Here are birthday wishes you can send to them on their birthday;

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes for 5-Year-Old Kids

  • I can’t accept that you’re 5 today, because you already talk like you’re 15 and you eat like you’re 30. 🙂 What will you be like when you actually clock 20?! 🙂 The best birthday to the best kid.
  • You’re the number 5 of the most significant things I’m happy about in my life, and now you’re 5 years old, I’m really happy to see you grow. Happy 5th Birthday honey.
  • I’ve only seen a young girl that behaves like an adult at 5, and it’s you, your gossips are top-notch. 😀 May you have an awesome 5th birthday my little princess. Enjoy yourself.
  • Happy 5th birthday young and cute man, at some point you will experience great things, because you look great. Enjoy this special year and every day in it.
  • Whatever will make you become the best that you can be is what we are ready to do for you as parents. May God guide you as we do our best.
  • Time after time, days after days, our numbers are counting fast and age is ticking. We are getting old and you are growing up. Best wishes honey.
  • May my lovely child remain lively and cheerful all his/her life. Have a wonderful evening.
  • Have the happiest 5th birthday my little child, you are the most important person to me and I love you so much.

An animal with 5 eggs and a chick.

For Son

  • Before we had you, life was really difficult, but when you came into our world, you rocked it and things turned around for the good. Happy 5th birthday son.
  • Can you count the number of your fingers? If yes, that’s your present age. I hope you’ll grow into greatness.
  • We endured a lot of difficulties when we gave birth to you, but your birth also brought us a lot of fortune, may you become an endless source of blessings for others. Happy Birthday to the little monkey.
  • Our bond in this home grows on a daily basis because you are approved of God to be in this wonderful family and we are grateful for that. A wonderful 5th birthday to my sweet son.
  • There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my 5 year old sweetheart. Have fun darling, I love you.

For Daughter

  • The key to a great life and irreversible progress is to have a happy and supportive family, all that is before you. I hope nothing will stop you from becoming great. Happy 5th Birthday daughter.
  • Your act of kindness melts my heart, you always want me to be by your side and you won’t eat except if I’m with you. I love you so much my dear daughter.
  • Normal mood makes you bored, but cheerful mood makes you crazier and more charming. Have a birthday as charming as you my cute daughter.
  • The story of your mother while growing up is quite similar to that of yours, but I hope you will become more beautiful. 🙂 Don’t tell her I said so. Best wishes.
  • To the most beautiful young girl in the world, may all your days be filled with the happiness you feel when you have a new toy. Happy 5th birthday daughter.

A brown puppy is talking to a smart kid.

For Baby Boy

  • Now you have all the time to discover yourself as you grow up, I hope you’ll do that before you get caught up with a lot of other life necessities. Happy Birthday cool boy.
  • You are the most amazing 5-year-old boy I know and I know you will grow up to be one of the finest men around.
  • You are now able to get things and break them. You are tall enough to blow out your cake candles. Happy Birthday naughty boy.
  • You are so innocent, so cute and adorable. All my hearty wishes for this cool boy.

For Baby Girl

  • Happy 5th birthday sweet baby girl, it’s time to kick off number 4 and embrace your new age, my wish for you is that you may grow bigger, brighter, healthier and heartier.
  • You are the little princess that should be celebrated today. I hope you enjoy everything set out especially for you sweetheart.
  • A sweet birthday to a girl with a bubbly laughter, bright eyes and a dimple on sweet cheeks, you completed five years of your life. Now it’s the time to wear a pretty dress and crown to celebrate your day.
  • It’s your 5th Bday sweetie, blow out five candles and make five wishes.

For Grandson

  • You’ve changed my life in the 5 years I’ve played with you my grandchild, to many more my love.
  • It’s your 5th birthday and I’m happy to be a part of this day. Just seeing your smile as you open your gifts is enough for me.
  • My little man is growing up to be a fine little 5-year-old, may this day bring you joy, love and a lot of happy memories my love.
  • From a baby boy climbing his mom for suckling to a boy climbing his grandma for playing. 🙂 An amazing birthday to my amazing 5-year-old grandson.

Make 5 wishes. Happy 5th Birthday!

For Granddaughter

  • Children are heritage of the Lord and they are reward from Him. I’m glad I have you as a reward from the Supreme Being, I won’t trade you for anything. Happy 5th Birthday granddaughter.
  • You are a great addition in my life, you make me a happy grandmother and I love that I get to share your 5th birthday with you.
  • You are a special 5-year-old girl with a bright future and a cute smile. May you grow to be older than grandpa.
  • My cute cuddly granddaughter sprouts the sunshine and brightness in my life. My best wishes for the little queen.

3 monkeys, blind, silent and deaf.

For Nephew

  • Your presence makes an unquenchable joy arise in me, may your life be a good one to bring us more joy in the future. A splendid 5th birthday to my sweet nephew.
  • Enjoy the happy days of life with no stress, worries, care or issues of the world. It is the pure time for your pure soul. Happy Bday nephew!
  • You are the Humpty Dumpty of my family, big face but thin legs. That’s the cutest thing ever. Best wishes.
  • Happy 5th birthday my dear nephew, you are the most creative, sweetest and cutest kid I know and I hope you enjoy this day and all that comes with it.

A new chapter which is full of good memories.

For Niece

  • To my little bright niece, I have never seen a girl of your age with so much passion to become better on a daily basis. I’m proud of you.
  • Happy 5th birthday sweetheart, you will always remain to be the coolest girl I know. I love you so much and I hope you know that.
  • Don’t waste your time in installing new game apps or counting how many likes you got on your picture. It’s your time to blow out all the candles. Happy Birthday to the best niece.
  • 5 years old! WOW! It means your beauty becomes 5 times more adorable. Enjoy, my adorable niece.


For Brother

  • Happy 5th birthday to a boy that looks so much like me in everything except one thing, doing home-work. I hope as you clock 5 today, you’ll often do your home works. Enjoy your day.
  • Whatever you may be now even if I seem not to understand, I know for sure that you will become great tomorrow. Happy Birthday my brother.
  • My sweet brother turned five; it’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it with your cute little friends.
  • You are my passionate, energetic and lively child. I’m so lucky to have a sharp-minded brother. Have a great 5th birthday.

For Sister

  • You are my heart beat and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Have a great 5th birthday my cute sister, you are truly my sweet lovely angel.
  • When I had you, you were like a Teddy bear to me, but now I realize you are growing up fast that soon you’ll have your own Teddy bears. Have fun sis.
  • Wishing you a lovely 5th birthday sis. Enjoy the most beautiful season of your life.
  • Have fun all the time and make new memories. One day you will remember these days.


For Twins

  • You are in the period of creating beautiful memories. You can also double them as twins. Enjoy the superb phase of life. Happy childhood.
  • It’s time to unite together to tear out all the wrappers and enjoy your presents, Happy Birthday to the best twins in the world.
  • Childhood is like being intoxicated. Except you, everyone knows what you did, so what if we have twins?! It’s a big problem. 😀 Have fun.
  • With each passing year, your naughtiness is boosting up and you are doubling troubles. Happy 5th birthday, naughty twins.


Simple 5th Birthday Messages for Turning 5

  • May your 5th birthday bring you a lot of pleasure, joy and success. May all your childhood dreams come true.
  • Life is too short to live happy, so stay crazy, stay silly, stay stupid or stay whatever you like. Happy 5th birthday.
  • Your beautiful smile plus craziness make you more beautiful and dominant. Have a stupendous 5th birthday.
  • You might be living in the passionate world but the more passionate and crazier world is residing within you. May you have a wonderful life.
  • Perfection comes with craziness and passions. Be yourself. Have happy one hundred hours of happiness.
  • I hope you enjoy this day and all that comes with it, the cake, the sweets and all the family around. Enjoy it darling.

5 fingers point to the 5th year.

  • Oh my god, my cute little baby is turning a new age now, I can’t believe my eyes. Happy Birthday to the cutest 5-year-old baby in this world.
  • To the kid who loves ice cream, Happy Birthday full of cakes and ice cream. Remember, don’t drop it on your clothes.
  • You are too little but you occupied a big place in my heart. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to the little diamond that brightens our life day by day.
  • It’s an astounding joy to see you clock this age, it is indeed a memorable day for us all, we hope you’ll become bigger when you clock 10. Happy 5th birthday child.
  • The value of gold is high and so is the value of silver, but I can’t trade you for either no matter how valuable they are, you are of greater value. Happy 5th birthday sweetie.
  • May your childhood be filled with bright colors and joyful moments. May you live a long happy life. Happy 5th birthday.
  • When you were a baby baby, you wouldn’t let me have a deep sleep, you always want to eat every time, 🙂 but now you eat less and I’m happy. 🙂
  • Your craziness displays your intelligence and sharpness. You are a sweet child. Wish you a very delightful celebration.
  • Time to blow off your 5th Bday candles, make that wish and hold on to the beauty of the day. Happy Birthday sweetheart, you are always on my mind.

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