Happy Full Moon Baby Wishes―What to Write in One Month Birthday Card

What to Write in a First-Month Birthday Card

Do you want to send best wishes to your friends/loved ones who recently had a baby? Are you struggling with what to write? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some samples of happy full-moon baby wishes or birthday messages for a one-month-old. Find some inspiration below to write your own unique message to show your love. But before we dive in, let’s learn a little more about the history and traditions of the full-moon celebration.

History of the Chinese Full-Moon Celebration

According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one-month-old, a celebration is held to commemorate their first month on Earth. Since this coincides with the end of the mother’s confinement period, both her and her child are formally introduced during this time.

A party is held to celebrate the baby’s health and offer blessings. In traditional ceremonies, cakes and eggs, dyed red to symbolize good luck and fortune, are given to family and friends.

Traditions include shaving a baby’s head and dressing them up in gold-colored attire to “presenting” them to their ancestors at the family altar.

Gift Recommendation

A gift card can be included inside your greeting card to show your generosity and thoughtfulness to the parents of a one-month-old baby. A gift card is great because it allows parents the flexibility to buy their favorite products.

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