How He Made Me Org*sm without Even Touching Me: An Erotic Story

Female org*sm has for long been a controversial topic, with more than three-quarters of women saying that they’ve never experienced an org*sm in their lives. Well, it is true that it is often difficult for a woman to achieve sexual climax than it is for a man. This is because the parts of the brain that control feelings of pleasure and sexual arousal are wired differently for men and women. But all the same, many women still manage to achieve the big “O” every once in a while in their sexual encounters, especially where intercourse involves clitoral or G spot stimulation.

I’d also heard that it is possible to achieve an org*sm without even being touched by your man but until it happened to me, I had for long believed that all these are false statements that writers and bloggers use to promote their content and attract a larger audience. Yes, it is possible to reach a female climax with zero-touching. The intensity of female org*sm may vary from one woman to another, but some org*sms are just unforgettable, especially if it’s the first time. My hands-free org*sm was one of these unforgettable ones, and here is how he made me come without even touching me.

Music in My Ears

Music, especially slow songs, have a way of relaxing the mind, freeing anxiety and getting rid of tension. It puts your mind in meditation mode and you can hear a pin drop from meters away. He just has to find the right trigger-song that will heighten your sensations and intensify your feelings, including feelings of pleasure. According to a McGill University study, listening to some types of music triggers the activation of the pleasure center of the brain, along with the release of dopamine and endorphins, which is what exactly happens when one is experiencing an org*sm. Well, he first handed me some headphones and pressed play as I placed them on my head, and this was the beginning of my hands-free org*sm journey.

He Worked On My Brain and Talked Dirty

Verbal stimulation can really work magic in a sexual relationship, especially as far as arousal and climax are concerned. After meditating for a while with the trigger song, he asked me to take the headphones off and then started narrating what he’d do to me. It was some kind of erotic hypnosis that really got me turned on. He told me how badly he wanted to kiss my lips, neck, chicks, and my t*ts, all the way down south to my thighs and my honey pot as he tore my clothes off and caressed me all over. It was all in graphic detail and he was using “dirty words” and teases that really sent thrills down my spine. I was so wet at this point and I think I was in a world of my own. All this felt as though it was actually happening.

Vibrator + Visual-Verbal Stimulation 


At some point, he took out one of his two phones and asked me to close my eyes. From one phone, he played an adult video with a male and female character and asked me to assume I was the chick and he was the guy in the video. He then handed me a sleek vibrator — visit here — that he could control remotely. Once I placed it down there, the pleasure was now about 5 times more; I was even moaning my lungs off. Using words like I’m now taking off your clothes, I’m now entering you from behind… we are now switching position, you are now on top, etc.; we were the characters in the video, of course, without any physical touch. I flew along with it all the while and the last words he uttered were, “you are now cumming.” Believe you me; it was so explosive I almost felt embarrassed. He later on confessed that he had his own sex toy taking care of him while I was caught up in the moment about to get the most unforgettable org*sm ever for the first time.

Since then, we haven’t had the time to repeat this yet, but I believe we shall, really soon. All the same, we’ve been busy climaxing each other through intercourse, at least the few weekends we manage to meet. The bottom line is, an org*sm without touch is very achievable, it only depends on your man’s approach and how you manage to fine-tune your mind to the idea.

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