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How to Write a Thank You Letter to an Organ Donor Family


Dear Donor Family –

It is with the utmost respect and gratitude that we send this letter to you and thank you for the miracle that has happened to our family. We were the lucky recipients of your donation which changed our lives like nothing else ever has or ever will. At the center of our story is ‘just’ one person, but clearly we have all been blessed with the ultimate gift.

My name is (list name) and I am (description of yourself). I reside in (state) with my (list family member names), and I have (list names of children and grandchildren, if applicable).

Our journey began in (insert date). I had the great fortune to relocate to the east coast in search of a life-saving liver transplant surgery. My health had deteriorated to a point that required urgent attention, yet the lengthy waitlist provided little to no hope.

My first transplant surgery took place on (date of transplant), much sooner than we anticipated. And although we celebrated the surgery as a success, I encountered a major setback due to a collapsed artery just two months into my recovery. After countless procedures and tests, it was clear that a re-transplant was necessary. We were obviously shocked and scared about my diagnosis and prognosis.

The news of a re-transplant also marked my return to the hospital, where the wait began for the second time. I knew that I was in great hands with my family, doctors and nurses by my bedside, but also well aware that I was in critical condition and only another (even bigger) miracle would now save my life.

We will never forget (date of transplant), which I have come to consider my new birthday. After a very long and difficult surgery and two weeks in the ICU, I first came to understand the meaning of second (third) chances. Earlier this month, I passed my discharge exams allowing me to finally bid farewell to the hospital and to say hello to my new life. My check-ups are frequent and the rehabilitation requires a lot of work, but indeed a small price to pay.

I am very happy to report that I returned back home just a few weeks ago. I am continuing to recover well, and am focusing my energy on gaining strength and weight. The sunshine is also doing its share as our spirits are high and we have an eye on a bright future. I know I will soon be able return to the things I enjoy the best: (list activities).

We recognize that this most wonderful accomplishment would not have been possible without the selfless act by you and your loved one. Miracles do happen!


(Your name & your dependents’ names)

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