Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away | Whatsapp birthday greetings 2020

Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away

Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away
Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away

Looking for the latest Whatsapp birthday greetings? A sister far away from us is a tough situation. She also had to travel far to research, to work, or for some other purpose.

On her birthday, we ‘re sad that we can’t share this special day with her, and we miss her a lot, and we can’t give her all our love because she’s far from us.

If you have a sister who is far away and is about to have a birthday, we’ll give you a series of texts that you can send through social networks or just a text message.

Happy birthday, Sis! I feel very sorry that you haven’t been here on such a special day. I wish you the best from a distance.

– “I wish you have a very happy day, dear sister. I send you many kisses and I hope you can hang out with the people that love you. I miss you so much.”

–”I feel very sad when the birthdays we celebrated together come to my mind. Now that you’re out of here, I love you so much. Don’t think about your kids, we love you so much. Happy Birthday to you.

“I didn’t think you ‘d have to spend a birthday so far. Have a lovely day. Happy birthday, my dear friend! “God has rewarded you by granting you the gift of another year of life.

Have a very happy birthday, my dear sister. I hope you will make your dreams come true. “You had to go a long way to achieve your goals, and I feel very proud that you are my mom. You know you’re going to get everything you set up to because you deserve it.

Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away
Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away

Happy birthday to you!

–”Happy birthday, my little sister. While we are far apart, today in your day, I give you my best wishes. You know, I love you so much, and I always think about you.

“Good day, dear sister. You ‘re a great person, and I love you so much. I hope that you will celebrate as it should be wherever you are.

“I can’t wait for you to come back home, little sister. I ‘d love to be here with you to share this special day. I’m just worried about you, I miss you so much.

“I give you a lot of hugs and kisses throughout your day today. I miss you very much and look forward to your return. I hope you’ve had a good time.

– “I hope that through this text you can receive all of my best wishes today on your birthday. I miss you and I love you a lot.”

– “Every day I remember you and today that is your birthday, I miss you more than ever. Happy Birthday, Sis, I hope you have a nice time.”

– “My life would not be the same if you had not been in it. I always thank God for giving me such a wonderful sister like you. Happy Birthday.”

– “I do not know how I could show you all the love I have for you, dear sister. You know I love you and miss you very much. Hope you have a nice day. Happy Birthday.”

Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away
Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away

–”Today is a wonderful day to tell you that I love you a lot, even though we’ve had our disagreements, I love you and I miss you. Happy Birthday to you.

“Remember that you will always be able to count on me to support you anytime you need it. I wish you all the best, dear sister. Hope you’ve had a fun and happy birthday.

“I love you very much, Sis, and I hope you have a very happy birthday. God bless every step that you take.

–”Have a happy day, my son! I hope that God will bless your actions wherever you are. Don’t forget that your whole family is always worried about you, and you miss a lot.

“Unfortunately, you have to spend a very special day away from your family, which loves you very much. You know, we ‘re just worried a lot about you. Have a Happy Birthday, Sis, wherever you might be.

We are sure that you will be able to give all your good wishes to your sister far away with these beautiful birthday messages. Make her happy with a detail like this in her day.

Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away
Nice birthday texts for my sister who is away

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