Sweet List of Happy 14th Birthday Wishes for 14-Year-Olds

14 is a big number, it is a teenage number and that is associated with someone really knowing what they want for that special day. 14-year-olds are hard to please, they are in their adolescent years and they can really get moody at times. Birthdays are special to them, no matter what they say or do. Make the day a memorable one for them by sending them one of these awesome wishes, they are surely never going to forget that special message they received on their 14th birthday;

Happy 14th Birthday Wishes for Everyone

  • Can anyone believe that you’re 14?! I must have been giving you the biggest cake slice because you look 30 already. 🙂 Have a cool 14th birthday.
  • Physical and observable changes are actually the evidence of progress. It’s a pleasure to watch you grow up from stage to stage. May God bless you.
  • Wishing you a prosperous year full of God’s provisions and blessings. May your father make the wishes come to reality. A wonderful 14th birthday to a wonderful one.
  • You are the cool dude in town. Celebrating you is totally my honor. I wish you all the best.
  • I might have scolded you many times, but I’m sure you know that I have a role to play as a parent, which also involves scolding, because I care a lot. Have the best 14th birthday.
  • To an extremely cool, young and cute lady, may your 14th birthday bring you closer to greatness as you move through the course of life.

A bird is singing for a teenager at 14.

For Son

  • There are a lot of special things to a woman, having kids is one. She becomes really glad when she sees them grow. Happy 14th Birthday son. I’m happy to have you.
  • When I had you, I wished I had caused my parent less problems. 🙂 Because it seems as if I’m reaping what I did while I was young too. Happy Birthday naughty son.
  • Whenever I see you, I get excited because you’re the little version of me. Enjoy your special year in good health and sound mind.
  • Today is a joyful day for you, but more for me because you’re my source of joy. Have the best celebration my little boy.
  • Since your birth I have never remained the same, you cause a spontaneous change to happen to me. it’s a thing of joy and pride to have a son like you. May you have an outstanding 14th birthday.
  • Happiness found me when I conceived you, it was a glorious day and today marks the 14th year since that day. May you continue to grow in grace son.
  • My son – my world. You are the most beautiful happening of my life. My deepest wishes for you.

Many balloons with low opacity can make a background for a 14-year-old image.

For Daughter

  • You’re the most amazing girl to me and the exact version of what I needed to fill the emptiness I had for a while. May you become more relevant.
  • You are bright like a morning star and beautiful like the lilies of the valley. Happy 14th Birthday to you my girl. May it be a special year.
  • After your mother, you are my second love and you made me feel so great for every time I had to spend with you. Enjoy your special day honey.
  • My sweet and adorable daughter, hope all your wishes, dreams and desires come true and you get everything in your life. Have a fun filled party.
  • You are the most precious gemstone and your shine is brighter than diamond. I wish you the long lasting happiness and peace. Have a fabulous 14th birthday.

For Brother

  • You have given me strength by being a source of joy to me, I hope you will never depart from this part you are presently on. Happy 14th Birthday my strong brother!
  • Your future depends on your present hard work. So never stop making efforts for achieving your goals. Best wishes!
  • Be yourself and get everything that you want. Enjoy today bro.
  • May God save you from the evil eyes. May your every day bring loads of success and happiness. Wish you a wonderful 14th birthday bro.

A bee is celebrating.

For Sister

  • A lot of things pass me by in my life, but you’re the one who brings me the joy that I couldn’t have. Happy 14th Birthday my hope and my life, my dear sister.
  • A good girl like you deserves lots of goodies and I hope you’ll enjoy every good thing that will come your way this year.
  • To the most fashionable 14-year-old lady, you could be the world’s youngest model if you wanna go in that direction. You are really good at that. Best wishes sis.
  • Honey, focus on your studies. Learn more and get more. Happiest of birthdays to the Cutest sister.
  • You are loved, you are appreciated, you are the most amazing sister on the block. So blow out those candles and I promise you, your wish will definitely come true.

A good girl like you deserves lots of goodies and I hope you'll enjoy every good thing that will come your way this year. Happy Birthday!

For Best Friend

  • I can share all my feelings with you. You are my best friend and we share an amazing relationship. May you have many more.
  • No one can measure my love for you. I love you so much, my best friend. Wish you a splendid 14th birthday, my precious friend.
  • Today is your day. Enjoy this day to its end. My deepest wishes for my friend.
  • Share the cake; keep the memories in you forever, never change who you are to impress anyone as I’m proud of whom you are now. The best 14th birthday to the best friend.

A cute guy is holding a blue balloon on a card for boys.

For Nephew

  • Childhood is one of the things you enjoyed the most, but now you’re leaving it behind gradually. May your teen years become better. A cool birthday to my cool nephew.
  • You are an awesomely awesome kid and I love you so much, may this day bring you a lot of cheer.
  • Emotions came all over me today when I saw that you are becoming really big, I hope you will grow up to fulfill all of your potentials. Happy 14th Birthday great nephew.
  • You are my sweet nephew and I feel so happy in your company. May you enjoy today and forever.

Many red hearts can make a good image for a 14-year-old one.

For Niece

  • Right from your birth I saw a sign that you were special and up till now, you are still. I hope you’ll forever be special. Happy 14th Birthday my sweet niece.
  • You have shared a lot of happy moments with us and I hope to share this special day with you, you have been the best thing that happened to me.
  • Your laughing nature, non-serious attitude, typical looks and uproarious sense of humor totally screw me up. Have the fun that you always give us.
  • Happy 14th Birthday to the beautiful bundle of joy, you will always be my favorite girl, no matter the age, the year or the date, love you to the moon and back.

A big kid or a little teenager! Happy 14th Birthday Sweetie!

For Grandson

  • May your birthday bring something very special to you grandson, and your day turn out to be the most amazing one. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • I’m sending you hugs, kisses, and cuddles on your 14th birthday. May your day become so special for you and get the best of everything. Happy Birthday.
  • I arranged a simple get-together of friends for celebrating your birthday. Hope you will enjoy my plan. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • Fourteen years already, I can’t believe how fast time flies, you are a special boy and I hope you know you will always have people looking out for you. Happy Birthday Grandson!

For Granddaughter

  • Happy 14th Birthday to my granddaughter who knew how to drive early. Drive more today as you throw the best party.
  • Say goodbye to the childhood and say hello to teenage years. Enjoy your day my cute granddaughter.
  • May today bring you the infinite happiness and everlasting blessings, may you live your life with full peace and pleasure. My sincerest wishes.
  • I can’t believe I’m here with you right now, I feel so happy to be sharing your 14th birthday with you. I hope for more times like these and cheerful memories.
  • 14 monkeys dance for a cute girl turning 14, it’s hard to believe that my naughty granddaughter is celebrating her 14th birthday today.

3 heart balloons on a card for a cute one.

For A Boy (Generally)

  • Today is a big day for us, because we celebrate a unique and a fast growing boy. Happy 14th Birthday honey.
  • You are just a 14-year-old boy but you look like a super-hero and super-model. May you have a beautiful life.
  • You are an obedient boy and a complete shop of manners and ethics. Lots of prayers for you sweet boy.
  • You are an intelligent boy. Use your intelligence in the positivity of life so as to get more productive outcomes. Wish you an amazing 14th birthday.

For A Girl (Generally)

  • May you grow up soon and turn out to be the beautiful girl with full features. Wish you a glorious 14th birthday.
  • May your 14th birthday be the beginning of new and wonderful girly things, may you stay blessed, happy and healthy.
  • Wherever you are, everyone tends to fall in love with you because you’re a really rare girl. May it be a magnificent year.
  • May the great things come in your life and you become successful and powerful. Have a birthday as wonderful as you cutie.

A very sweet cupcake with a special candle on a very cool background.

For Cousin

  • Love doesn’t come softly, it takes time, I’m glad that my cousin and I could finally be so close. It’s the thing that gave me so much joy. Have a great birthday my great cousin.
  • Just being able to share this day with you is enough reason for me to feel like the luckiest person in the family. Enjoy it cousin.
  • May it be an unforgettable day in your life because you’ve become an important part of our life.
  • A wonderful 14th Birthday to my wonderful cousin, I never really knew a young lady could be a friend to an adult like me. Have lots of fun.


Motivational 14th Birthday Messages

  • You are more than what they see, you are better than the best because no one can be you better than you. Enjoy your 14th birthday, make a wish and I hope it comes true.
  • You are special and you will always have us here, you are amazing and I will forever love and be with you. Have a hearty 14th birthday.
  • Remember there is nothing that you are going through that you can’t beat, you are stronger than you think. May you live always in happiness!
  • A lovely 14th birthday to the most organized teenager I’ve ever seen. It’s so wonderful how you do tedious house chores with so much ease. I love you so much son. Keep making me happy.
  • May this special day give you a special reason to be thankful, happy and cheery. I love you so much, have a hearty 14th birthday.
  • Being a teen is really beautiful because of all that you’ll get to learn and understand. May your life go through good path as you celebrate. Happy Birthday!
  • May you make the right choices, with the right mind and the right attitude, life isn’t hard, people make it hard. Enjoy your day while you are still young.
  • Change can be good, change is good, you are changing from 13 to 14 isn’t that good! Happy Birthday love, may all your wishes come true.
  • May your 14th birthday be the best one so far, make it better than the last, have fun, for everyone around you cares about you so much.
  • Happy 14th Birthday love, you are a blessing today, and every day, may you always stay happy. I love you so much.
  • It’s your birthday, enjoy it, live it, love it, it is a day just for you. I wish you a jolly good time as you celebrate this day.

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