Thank You

Thank You Messages for Teachers

Why Thank a Teacher?

Teachers do so much more than just teach. They put up with a lot from students, parents, and administrators. And somehow, some way, some teachers are able to do things for their students that go way beyond the call of duty.

Good teachers increase their students’ knowledge and understanding, and they motivate and inspire them to achieve. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words how a teacher has touched your life, so look through these examples to get started then create your sincere thank you card message or note for your teacher.

Example Thank You Note for a Challenging Teacher

When you have a challenging teacher that pushes you to give your best, a sense of gratitude may appear as you end the class and realize that you are now a better person. Here is an example of a thank you note for a teacher who has challenged you.

When I began your class, I knew that I would be challenged. The way that you have pushed me to give my best work has produced personal growth. I will forever be changed in my expectations of my own work and capabilities. I will no longer let excuses or doubt keep me from learning or doing anything. Thanks for improving my confidence.

Thank You Note for an Inspiring Teacher

Some teachers go above and beyond to inspire their students. These teachers need encouragement and inspiration to continue the great work they do. Write your teacher a nice thank you note for inspiring you and use this as an example.

You are not just a good teacher. You are an amazing teacher. You inspired me to learn even outside the classroom and to make a difference. You connected what you taught to me in a way that made me care. You motivated me to be the best student and person I can be.

Thank You Note for a Coach

Coaches are sometimes teachers too, but they always serve the role of teaching you and inspiring you in a sport just as a teacher does for a class. Coaches put in long extra hours to train you to give your best, so thank your coach for their investment of time.

Thanks for bringing out the best in me. You pushed me and taught me so much that I was able to see a lot of improvement. I have learned valuable lessons that I could not learn in a classroom. I appreciate the time and energy you have invested for me.

End of Year Thank You Note

A great time to thank a teacher is at the end of the class session. This could be either the end of the semester or the end of the year. Share something specific that you appreciate illustrated by details or a story.

Of all the classes I am finishing, I will miss your class the most. I will remember all the fun things you did to help us be interested in class. When you ate a piece of chalk to teach us about the importance of calcium in our diets, I cracked up. Thanks for being a fun teacher.

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