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Thank You Notes for Daycare Providers and Teachers

This article contains an original collection of appreciation messages that are perfect for someone who has had a long-lasting and positive impact on your child’s physical and mental development. Hopefully, these messages will inspire you to write your own personalized card or letter.

How to Write a Thank You Note

Use this guide to write a great thank you note to a daycare provider or teacher:

  1. Start your letter with “Dear [daycare provider’s name or teacher’s name],”
  2. Briefly state what you appreciate about them.
  3. Mention how their lessons and guidance have made a long-lasting and positive impact on your child’s life.
  4. Thank them again.
  5. Close the letter with any of these phrases: “sincerely,” “yours truly,” “much love,” “warm regards,” or “kindly.”
  6. Sign your name.

Goodbye Letter Examples

Sample 1

Dear ________,

I’d like to thank you for making your center a comfortable place for children to learn and grow into adulthood. Before I knew you, I was a bit nervous leaving my child with a stranger, but I needed to return to my full-time job to make some extra money, so I took a chance.

There was something about you that gave me confidence, and after only a short time I knew that I had found a second home for my child, where [he/she] would be nurtured and looked after vigilantly. The serene environment, fresh air, cleanliness, spaciousness, and friendly staff at your daycare center put my mind at ease.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for every smile you put on my child’s face, and for teaching [your child’s name] to be patient, friendly, and caring. I cannot thank you enough for all the happy moments my [son/daughter] shared with you throughout your time together. We will miss you and we hope to see you again soon.



Sample 2

Dear _________,

I wanted to write you to say thanks for being a kind and caring person to my [son/daughter]. [He/she] has learned so much from you in the last three years, and I cannot thank you enough for your patience, guidance, care, commitment, and kindness.

Thank you for engaging my [son/daughter] in interesting and edifying activities throughout the year. You have left a positive impression on my child’s life, and for that I can’t thank you enough. You’re a fantastic role model, not only to young children, but to parents, too. Thanks again for everything you have done.

Best wishes,


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