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Let’s face it, naming a skeleton is silly as all get-out. Nevertheless, it’s hard to resist. Unlike jack o’ lanterns and other, more gruesome Halloween props, skeletons are easily relatable. After all, they’re just like us… only dead and lacking all their soft tissue.

Skeletons also provide ample opportunities for puns – make no bones about it. If you’re trying to figure out what to name your skeleton, you can find lots of inspiration in anatomical terms and corny Halloween wordplay. Or, better yet, you can just search the following list of funny skeleton names for the perfect idea.

A big list of name ideas for your friendly neighborhood skeleton

Male Pun Names

Here are some punny name ideas for a boy skeleton (how you determined the gender is strictly your business). Some of these are plays on famous names, while others are pure skeleton puns.

  • Napoleon Bone-apart
  • Napoleon Bone-apart (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • The Big Le-bone-ski
  • Bones McCoy
  • Teddy Bones-evelt
  • Bury White
  • Clarence Marrow
  • Johnny Rotten
  • Jon Bone Jovi
  • Hugh Maris
  • Indiana Bones
  • Blake Skeleton
  • Clay Vackle
  • Albert Spinestein
  • Albert Spinestein (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • Vincent Van Bone
  • Scary Potter
  • Jim Reaper
  • Eddie Deader
  • Doug Upp
  • Nefarious Bueller
  • Werner Bray
  • Mr. Bone-jangles
  • Captain Jack Marrow
  • Michael Bone-leone
  • Thomas Deadison
  • Christopher Walken Dead
  • Ben Rattling
  • Val Killmore
  • Boney-Wan Kenobi
  • Boney-Wan Kenobi (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • Count Scapula
  • Jerry Spinefeld
  • Marty McFright
  • Humphrey Bone-gart
  • Rick R. Mortus

Female Pun Names

Is your skeleton a she? If so, here are some funny name ideas for a girl skeleton.

  • Abby Cadaver
  • Abby Cadaver (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • Boney Raitt
  • Dee Ceased
  • Bona Lisa
  • Jessica Bones
  • Scary Poppins
  • Grace Skelly
  • Dana Skully
  • Amelia Scarehart
  • Amelia Scarehart (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • Cass Kitt
  • Skelly Clarkson
  • Scarah Shiverman
  • Skullary Clinton
  • Mariah Scary
  • Cat A. Comb
  • Scarilyn Monroe
  • Gwen Stiffani
  • Meryl Shriek
  • Meryl Shriek (funny skeleton name for Halloween)

  • Helen Skeller

Famous Skeletons

Perhaps you’d like to name your skeleton after a famous character? Here are some options from the realms of movies, video games, and children’s television.

  • Jack Skellington
  • Skeletor
  • Sans
  • Dry Bones
  • One-Eyed Willy
  • The Cryptkeeper

Mis-skell-aneous Names

Finally, here are some simple and cute names for a skeleton that don’t fit into any of the categories above.

  • Bonehead
  • McRibbs
  • Bone-ita
  • Bag O’ Bones
  • Starvin’ Marvin
  • Funny Bonez
  • Lazy Bonez
  • Whitey
  • Morty
  • Slim
  • Boner
  • Dead Fred
  • Sockets

Looking for even more witty names for a skeleton? You might dig up some ideas in our list of Halloween tombstone sayings.

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