Top 100 Love Messages, Romantic SMS

There’s nothing more frustrating when you want to text your love a sweet message… But you don’t know what to say! Well, with this list of short love SMS messages, you won’t ever have to have that problem again. You can copy and paste these messages into your texts, hit send, and rest easy knowing that your lover knows how much you care for them.

Romantic Love Messages for Everyone

  • A day without you is a day without my true love. I love you so much baby.
  • Hey babe, if someone offered me a trillion dollars to give you up, I would refuse.
  • Life definitely became more interesting with you around my love. I hope these moments never fade for I always want them for you and I. You’re always on my mind!


  • Let me just take a second to say I love you. I wish I could say I love you every single second of every single day, but I can only try.
  • It’s a miracle that I found my soul mate. I am so thankful I found you. I Love You.
  • I don’t need to pick flowers and give you jewelry to show how much I love you. I show you by being by your side when you need me and giving you all my attention.
  • Every moment with you is priceless. You are so precious to me. I Love You so much.

I love you card with a beautiful bird

  • You don’t need to say “Yoo hoo” because I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere. I love you baby.
  • Being without you is like being without air. I need you to be in my life.
  • I always want you and me together, through each storm or shinny weather, you are my love and I want nothing but to show you how much you mean to me.


  • You are so precious to me. You mean more than any diamond or gold.
  • Tow hearts come together as one Yours and mine. Together, no matter the situation, We’ll be fine. I love you.
  • My other lovers were like annoying mosquitoes that leeched off of me, but you’re the first that treats me like royalty. I’m so lucky to have you I Love You.
  • Even if you get old, wrinkled, and bald, I’ll still think you are handsome.

Let me just take a second to say i love you

  • You are like a museum full of my favorite things. I never get tired of listening to your stories, and I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. I love you.
  • I miss you, honey. I’m like a bee that can’t stay away from you. I Love You.
  • Everything I do, I feel so empty if it’s not with you. Thank you for completing me.
  • You have much to learn about love, you’re in luck. I can give you lessons for free.
  • Don’t worry babe. Even when we’re apart, just look up at the sky and know that I am under the same sky that you are.
  • I think flying is overrated. Sure, it’d be great to soar in the sky, but I’d much rather walk on the ground while holding your hand.
  • Hey cutie I Love You. You are better than supermodels in my eyes.

Cute card for lover

  • I wish that I could be a wrapper. Because you’re candy and I want to hold you tight.
  • I Love you more than I love my phone.
  • Every kiss you blow me makes me fly through the walls.
  • I could be the richest, the strongest, the most attractive, or the smartest, but that wouldn’t make me as happy as you make me. I Love you.


  • Did you know sand hill cranes mate for life? You and I are like sand hill cranes, and life is so much better with you.
  • You are cuter than any kind of bunny, puppy, or kitten. You are mine and I am yours.
  • We can do the tango, and we can do a slow dance. I’m glad to have you as my partner.
  • Your laugh is the best that I ever heard. I hope that I will keep hearing your laugh for years to come.
  • I don’t need no shooting stars, because my wish came true already. I have you.

It is a miracle that i found my soul mate

  • Sometimes you’re annoying, but so am I. I love you too, and I know you love me too!
  • I love you every second of every hour, now, in the future, and forever.
  • You and I speak a special language. It’s the language that we speak the best, and all the words are “I love you”.
  • I can’t think straight. I just want to block away all the hurt, pain and anger. But then I see you and all bad feelings fly away as if they were never there. I can’t think straight because I love you.
  • I am so lazy. I never feel like doing anything. Then I think of you and I want to do everything to make you happy. You should be my manager.
  • You are like a tune that turns my mood around whenever I think of you.
  • You are more than just a safety blanket. You are my best friend who I can talk about anything with, and also my lover who loves me more than anyone else. I love you.
  • If I were to count how many words that describe all the things you did for me, it would be more than all the books in the world combined.

Being with you is like being with air

  • Thank you for holding my hand when I needed it. I love you.
  • You are my favorite everything. You are my true love.
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. I can’t stop dreaming of you.
  • I am so thankful that I get to be with you in this moment, because somewhere, in another dimension, I don’t have this chance.


  • You’re like a really good book that I can’t stop holding and I never get tired of you.
  • If you listen to my heart, you’ll hear it scream how much it loves you.
  • We’re more than peas in a pod. We’re the roots of a growing tree. I love you, and I love our beautiful children.
  • I Love You. You Love Me. You make me the best that I can be.
  • Whoever says that they’ll never love anyone, obviously has never met you. It’s impossible not to love you.
  • Our love isn’t just some one-hit wonder. It’s a classic that will never die.
  • I love that you’re not just some programmable robot. You’re a living, breathing, unique person, and I love that.
  • Every time I see you, you kick start my heart like a defibrillator. I wouldn’t be able to live without you.
  • You hooked me and reeled me in, and baby, I don’t ever want to go away.
  • Even in the rain, I can still laugh and sing because you are my sunshine.

I love you message

  • I welcome you into my heart, because you are what makes it feel like home.
  • I’m not afraid of commitment, because it’s not a chain. It’s what will set me free from loneliness.
  • I don’t want to just be your Facebook relationship. I want to be the one who makes you feel like you have everything in the world. I love you.
  • You are wise like Artemis, and beautiful like Aphrodite. You are my goddess, and I am your biggest fan.
  • You are my Hercules, Perseus, and Odysseus. You are my hero, and I know that the going can get tough. But in the end, you will still be mine.
  • I will take care of you, and I will be there to support you every step of the way. Never forget that I’ll always be your biggest fan!
  • Being in your presence relaxes me more than going to the beach and listening to the sound of the waves. Without you, I would not be able to handle the stresses of life.
  • Your love is going to make me diabetic, because you are too sweet.
  • You know, I really want to see you right now. I can’t wait to feel your arms around me.
  • You’re my darling, and I hate seeing you sad or tired. Don’t forget that you can always ask me for help.
  • If it’s for you, I would give you the universe. Because I Love You So Much.
  • You are a gift sent from heaven, and I love you more than any material or physical object.
  • Everywhere and anywhere is paradise as long as I am with you.
  • If our love was a bouquet, it would be filled with every kind of flower in every color, because our experiences are too full of life to just be one flower.

I love you cards

  • You make me feel, You make me breathe, You make me remember, You make me love, All the good things in the world And the best thing is you.
  • I try to act cool with my friends, but when I’m with you, I just want to make you laugh.
  • Hey babe I’m sorry for getting mad sometimes, but you always forgive me and I’m so blessed to have you.
  • When I trip and fall, I may be bleeding, but you come and pick me back up. Thanks for loving me.
  • I don’t really talk much, but when I’m with you I can never stop talking. I have never connected with someone to this level, and now I know for sure that I love you.
  • Never stop being yourself, because I love you.
  • You are my sweetie pie, and I know that you never think any less of me when I’m being weird.
  • If we were stuck on an island together, that would be paradise. An imperfect paradise, but a very happy paradise. I Love You.
  • Who’s the best in the world? Who’s the most amazing? Who’s the perfect lover? You! I Love you.
  • Before the beginning of the universe, I know that we were destined to be together.
  • Your love almost incinerates me with its intensity, but it is also the fuel for my love to burn for you.
  • Our love is like a song that only we can hear and truly appreciate.
  • I thank God for letting me into your life and you into mine.
  • We fell in love in the strangest of ways, but how we fell in love doesn’t matter. What matters is our love. And I Love you.
  • I want to take you into my arms and kiss you until the moon and stars rise in the sky.
  • Just like how the Earth will keep spinning around the sun and the moon will keep orbiting the Earth, I will never stop loving you.
  • I love you more than anyone else on the Earth, or in the world, galaxy, or universe!
  • Hey You, I have a surprise for you. Come on over and see I Love you.

Beautiful love you baby

  • You and I are the perfect combo. Together we can take on the world!
  • You’re like an axe that cuts away all of my insecurities and makes me feel free. Life would not be the same without you. I Love You.
  • There’s just something about you that I can’t stay from. But honestly, why would I want to stay away from an awesome person like you?
  • Our romance is better and more genuine than any romantic movie.
  • You’re the one who always sees through me when I try to hide, and now I realize that I never really needed to hide at all. I love you, and thank you for loving me.
  • I Love you just the way you are, and if you don’t believe me, come over and we can just lie in bed together and eat pizza while watching Netflix.
  • I may not be invincible, but I sure feel like it when I’m with you.
  • The best thing about you is not the way you look, but it’s the way you smile, laugh, hug, and kiss. That’s what makes you the best.
  • The distance between the two of us may be far, but the link between our hearts is stronger than titanium.
  • You are my knight in shining armor when I need you the most and you are my Prince charming at the most unexpected times. I Love You Baby.
  • Hey I’m just texting to say I love You, because we can die at any moment, and I don’t want to die knowing that I couldn’t tell You I love You.
  • You are the heat that melts my ice-cold heart, I love you so much honey and I don’t need valentines to show you. May Valentine’s Day be ours forever!
  • Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world, and to have them shared between two people is a blessing, wishing you a never ending love. I love you.
  • Your beautiful looks make me want to rip you apart every time I see you; I never get tired of you despite being together for a long time. I love you.
  • A friend asked me who I love the most and my answer was not far-fetched, I replied “My wife, the mother of my kids.” I love you, Sweetheart.
  • I thought love was a charade until the day you started loving me; I hope other single girls find a deserving man like you before the next week.
  • I am sure God was showing off to the angels when he created you because you are incredibly gorgeous.
  • I have been through thick and thin to find the perfect girl for me, little did I know that you were right before my eyes; I am happy to have finally found you and made you my love.
  • I can’t stand the chance of losing you to another; it would be like separating a child from their parents. I never want to spend a day without you being there for me.


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